Business English for expats

If you have come to Denmark with a Danish partner, for work or to study, you will probably be communicating in English rather than Danish, at least until you have become proficient in Danish. We do recommend, of course, that you learn Danish, to get the best out of your stay in Denmark.

Why English, then?

However, many studies and a growing number of international businesses have English as their primary language and the problem is that many of those that you will be communicating have English as a second language, too.

Therefore, it is important that you can speak and write good English. There are many exciting prospects in Denmark, despite the current world economic outlook. For example, Denmark is a leading country in the development of sustainable energy and there are many opportunities to interact with businesses and people in your home country in this field.

How can we help?

We can help you improve your business English skills.

You may join a group at a very reasonable price in lively, interactive sessions that take place during the day or the evenings, or you may want to have intensive, one-on-one coaching. Either way, you will benefit from being coached by a native-speaker with many years of experience in international business.