Business English

Business English for Executives

Is your English good enough for the Global Economy?

You most likely have found this page because you were searching for ‘business engelsk’. So, why is this in English? I assume that you, like most Danes, are really proficient in reading English. After all, Danes are relatively very good at English.

Is your English good enough for the Global Economy, however? Perhaps you have searched for help, because you feel that your English credibility is not quite up to your Danish.

I can help you.

I can help you communicate with confidence in English. This could result in a better bottom line for your company and better career prospects for yourself. It will save you money in lost business or misunderstandings. Taking private one-to-one lessons with a native-English speaker with many years experience in international business will save you time; you receive tuition when you want it at a venue convenient to you. You will enhance your reputation as a serious business person.

I regularly hear bad English spoken by leading Danish executives. I tend to cringe at the thought of these people representing leading companies. In England especially, the delivery carries as much weight as the content. Personally, I automatically compensate, because I know exactly why the mistakes are being made. Therefore, I know how to develop business English skills so that Danish executives can communicate fluently and effectively.

Give me a call and let us have a chat together. If you are a senior executive, I am on your level; you will not be coached by a young student or a non-business person trying to understand your business.